Inspiring Image

An inspiring image by Horst P. Horst called ‎”Mainbocher Corset.

We are influenced by what surrounds us and by the actions of those souls who have gone before us. Centuries of art and literature influence my own creative direction. The Internet has given us sites where individuals share their own work along with the work of others. After browsing various fashion and design blogs, I have decided to post the pieces that inspire me.

What I love about Horst P. Horst’s “Mainbocher Corset” is its simplicity. While not in color, it does not seem like a quintessential black and white photograph. There is abundance of white. A softness of the light tempered by shadows. Having studied drawing temporarily at RISD: The Rhode Island School of Design, I notice the way in which the model has been posed, which brings attention to the muscles in her back, as well as the bareness of her skin. As an artist, we learned about anatomy. How the muscles fit under the skin and around the bones; about contour and shape; about creating a sense of weight to a figure.

Horst paid close attention to detail. Thought was put into how to style her hair. How to position her body; her head; her arms; the ribbons hanging carelessly on the table top; the choice of what seems to be a marble table. Of course I am drawn to the corset, which is a beautiful piece.

To me, this woman is lonely, as well as alone. It is less of a scene than a study of form. At the moment, I’m writing about a film about a woman who is in love, but feels very much alone regardless of her feelings towards her lover. Horst’s photograph inspires me, because of a similar sense of sadness mixed with intimacy and seclusion.