The Color of Life

A re-printing of “The Color of Life” (SUNDAY, AUGUST 19, 2007)

My memories of living in Malaysia and Russia are filled with dreamlike recollections. The colors of Malaysia stand out in my mind – the greens, the reds – and my scrapbooks are filled with photographs of me walking down the streets of Singapore, standing amongst statues in Bali, carefully exploring the jungles in Frazier’s Hill and watching monkeys climb trees in the backyard.

I remember my Mother taking these photographs. They are memories that are filled with little treasures, like what it was like to speak with a slight British accent or to always be wary of King Kobras sneaking around in the tall grass.

Everyone has memories that carry with them strong visceral reactions when you close your eyes and think back to specific hours, days, weeks, years… You can have love affairs with cities, with countries, with architecture, with the streets, with people, with moments, with passing conversations.

Lately, I have felt like a caged bird. Confined. Knowing that this trip with Heather is in the near future makes me feel like I am finally let out of my cage and allowed to soar and by no means am I going back in. It gives me a taste of what life could be like if I moved to London or Paris. It gives me hope that life will take on some of the aspects that I miss from my past. It also gives me the fuel to complete my film and to move forward.

What is important is that I must remember not to be tied down by old memories, but instead find things to make into new ones. My youth gave me a taste of what adventure and life is all about. It’s my responsibility now to make something of this life.