Front Door Window, 2010

Windows. They symbolize different things to different people. Eyes are called the windows to the soul. These particular windows find a meaning in either the spiritual or religious realm, while also taking on a psychological aspect, i.e. consciousness; awareness.

Dining Room Chandelier, 2010

There is also a voyeuristic aspect to a window. Not only can you look out of a window, but you can also look in.  Windows can be shut closed with a lock; left open; secured with metal bars; or obstructed with a curtain. My mind goes then to types of locks; to the width of the bar; and the sheerness of the curtain. How does one decorate a window and what does it say about them?

Kitchen Window with Funeral Rose, 2010

Amanda once wrote (in a short story) about a family, who had windows caked in dirt. The mother, in her attempt to better her life and that of her family, had to clean the windows in order to find peace and serenity. The mud covering her windows were symbolic of their inner turmoil. She filled a pail with water, took a sponge and washed her windows clean.

Bathroom Window, 2010

A window can be left open, the wind breathing clean, warm air into the room. A window can be closed and locked, keeping out the cold or the rain. There are stained glass windows, which are composed of pieces of glass that are full of color and light; transparent or opaque; portraying historical figures or scenes. There are different types of windows: a Hopper window; a Jalousie (or Louvered) window; a Clerestory window; a Skylight; a Bay, Oriel or Picture window; Emergency Exits; and woven bamboo windows in Japan. Windows are found on buildings, automobiles, trains and planes. You can look out (or in) at almost anything.

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